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Melissa Spencer - Owner - Coach

Hometown: Born in Delta, UT, lived all over the western US. Sanpete County has been my home since 2004


Family:  My husband is retired military with 27 years in service. We have been happily married since 2000. We have 4 great kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. We love having a tight-knit extended family.

How long doing CrossFit: Since 2014


How long as a CrossFit Coach: Since 2014


Degrees/Certification:  Forever a student. CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Cert.

Anything else that makes you extra qualified:  I love Jesus. I’ve been coaching since 2014. I am a military wife and patriot.  I am a former EMT-B and Foster Care Provider and a lifetime member of the NRA and Front Sight.


Why you Crossfit: CrossFit is the one and only discipline I have ever stuck with. It’s unlike anything I have ever done before. CrossFit cultivates mental and physical strength, functional fitness and fosters health and longevity for every athlete. The workouts help me be better, in every area, outside of the gym. It’s like having a personal trainer with a huge supportive community. The accountability, coach-led workouts, community, adaptability have been a game changer.


Favorite WOD: All the Hero WODs honoring our fallen Soldiers and first responders.



Favorite movements: Rope climbs and burpees! Kicks my trash and keeps me humble.


Other sports & hobbies:  I love to run and bike all the miles. I love being outdoors with my family and friends. I’ve completed two 70.3 Ironman Triathlons, 50-mile ultra marathon, 3 marathons, countless half marathons, so many Ragnar Relay races with teams of 12 and teams of 6.


Something we don’t know about you: I am left-handed, but cut with my right hand. My mission in life is heart and soul service. I love crafting, scrapbooking, quilting, and so much more!

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  Katie Lynn Cox - Coach - Nutrition Coach PN1

Hometown: Fairview, Utah


Family:  Together my husband Jeff and I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. We share a love for fitness,

and enjoy triathlon and CrossFit training together.

How long at CrossFit:  In 2010 I was invited to do a CrossFit workout with a friend out of his garage gym.

I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to share it with others. In 2014 I became certified as a

trainer/coach and opened Sanpete's first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Wakara. I owned the gym for 5 years

when I decided to sell it to one of my fellow coaches. Wakara later became Black Canyon CrossFit

How long as a CrossFit Coach: I have been coaching CrossFit (adults, teens, and kids) since 2014.

I love coaching and hope to always be able to share my passion for helping others reach their

health and fitness goals


CrossFit Level 1 Certification, CrossFit Level 2 Certification, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification,

Nutrition Coach PN1, Associates Degree of Science

from Snow College, Bachelors Degree of Science and Human Development from Utah State University. 

Anything else that makes you extra qualified: 

I have been active in competitive sports and wight training for the last 30 years. I've also had the

opportunity to coach many youth sports teams over the last 20 years. 

Why you CrossFit: From the first time I tried CrossFit I immediately fell in love with the energy, positivity,

and community that CrossFit embodies. The methodology, functionality, and variety have added a

much greater purpose to my training and have been a catalyst for reaching many of my health and fitness related goals. I hope to continue to do CrossFit for the rest of my life, and plan on being the little 80 year old woman hitting squat and deadlift records.

Favorite WOD:  Fran. Yes really! The more physically and mentally challenging the workout is, the better!

Favorite movements: Any squatting movements, and pull-ups.

Other sports & hobbies:  Ironman’s & Triathlons, CrossFit competitions, traveling, hiking, firefighting, riding my Harley, going to concerts with hubby and friends.

Something we don’t know about you: I’m an adrenaline junky. I love heights and anything that moves fast!


 Lori Watson - Coach - Nutrition Coach PN1

Hometown: Kanab, UT


Family: My husband, Shane, and I have been blissfully married since 1998. We have 7 children together, 3 of
whom are still at home. I also have 3 adult children from a previous marriage and 2 granddaughters. I have
homeschooled all 7 of our kids, and my husband owns a civil/structural engineering firm. We've lived in
Mount Pleasant since October 2010, and it is home to us.


How long at CrossFit: I started CrossFit in January 2016


How long as a CrossFit Coach: I started working as an assistant coach, including helping build the kids’
program in May 2017, and became L1 certified in June 2019. I became certified as a pre/postnatal fitness
specialist and Core Confidence specialist in June 2022.


Degrees/Certification CrossFit L1 trainer, PN1 certified nutrition coach, certified pre/postnatal fitness
specialist & Core Confidence specialist.

Anything else that makes you extra qualified: I am passionate about helping others become their best

selves in every area of life.


Why you CrossFit:  .It has helped me become stronger, both physically and mentally. I love the philosophy, 
and the workouts are fun and challenging. I love how adaptable it is for every athlete in every season of life.


Favorite WOD:  "Annie"

Favorite movements: Barbell lifts (except thrusters and front squats!)

Other sports & hobbies: Running, swimming, cycling, hiking, fiber arts, spending time with family

Something we don’t know about you: I have been musical for my whole life. I love to sing, and I also play piano and clarinet.


Natalie Philpot - Coach


Danville, CA

I've been in Utah my whole adult life and recently moved to Mount Pleasant from Alpine. Learning how

to homestead and be a country girl



Married for 29 years. Have 5 awesome kids- 3 boys and 2 girls (ages 14-20)


How long at CrossFit: 5 years

How long as a CrossFit coach- I’m a newbie- been coaching kid classes for almost 6 months.


Bachelor of Science- University of Utah- U.S History and Political Science

CF OL1 Trainer- August 2023

Anything else that makes you extra qualified:

Homeschooler- 7 years. 

Assisted with many sports teams.

Why you CrossFit: 

I love the challenge and the way CrossFit has pushed me beyond to do things i never would have done before. The intensity and competition are so fun to me! I love the way I feel and the ability to let off all the steam that comes from a stressful life. I am banking on CrossFit keeping me active and healthy for the rest of my life.

Favorite WOD:  

I like Murph because it always turns into a bit of a party

Favorite movements:  Stuff I’m fast at (or think I’m fast at)… also stuff I’m not good at but like to practice- rope climbs, HSPU, Double Unders 

Other sports & hobbies: Running, working outside on homestead, working with horses, traveling and hanging out with family and good friends (hopefully while eating good food)

Something we don’t know about you:

I didn't start CrossFit till I was 41. Up to that point I would say I was pretty wussy. CrossFit has toughened me up! 

Some of my favorite things are Halloween and sharks. If I could live anywhere/do anything.... I would move to an island and do snorkeling tours for people.


Hannah Frandsen- Coach

Hometown: Spring City, Utah

Family- I got married in September of 2022. My husband and I both have big families so

between the two I have 13 siblings and 12 nieces and nephews.

How long at CrossFit- 

I started CrossFit in the summer of 2022. Melissa Spencer asked if I'd be interested in

learning how to CrossFit and later on becoming a coach. It was something I'd never done

before but I like trying new things so I jumped in!

How long as CrossFit Coach-

I started coaching shortly after joining CrossFit. I started with adult classes and soon after

started coaching the CrossFit Kids classes.

Degrees/ Certification-

I am currently working towards a Level 1 Crossfit Certification

Anything else that makes you extra qualified-

I have played sports since grade school and have coached girls soccer and wrestling for 2 years.

Why you CrossFit-

I'm not always motivated to work out but having a community I can sweat with and complain about workouts with seems to make it a bit easier. I want to have a healthy lifestyle and be able to do physical activities with my future kids. 

Favorite WOD-

Chad. I've never been more sore from a CrossFit workout. I like being sore because it means I'm getting stronger and my body is actually doing something.

Favorite movements-

Probably Manmakers. They make me feel like a beast. Also anything with a barbell. Learning all the Olympic lifts has been fun.

Other sports & hobbies-

I have always loved soccer and I play as often as I can. Backpacking, fishing, hunting and basically any other outdoor activity. I love plants and gardening.

Something we don't know about you-

I am slightly colorblind. It's not something that severely impacts my life other than occasionally picking outfits that clash but it's a fun fact. 

Terresa Fryer- Coach



How long at CrossFit- 

How long as CrossFit Coach-

Degrees/ Certification-

Anything else that makes you extra qualified-

Why you CrossFit-

Favorite WOD-

Favorite movements-

Other sports & hobbies-

Something we don't know about you-

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