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Jyll okelberry

Certified: Ashtanga Yoga 200 hour

Certified: Kids Yoga

Certified: Athletic Yoga

Certified: Restorative Yoga

Member: Yoga Alliance


Hobbies: hiking, running, camping, crafts.


Getting ready for my first half marathon.


The yoga classes are designed for the clients needs. If there is an area a client needs help with I change the sequence of the class. The class always includes: flexibility, strength, core, and breathing.


Yoga is being one with your body, mind, soul, and the present.





4 Week Mobility Course

$ 119


8 Classes

Early Registration is Closed

$ 99

Current CrossFit Members

Jyll, with Yoga Bliss, and Black Canyon CrossFit, partner to bring you a very powerful and effective


Mobility is essential in all exercise programs. Increasing mobility will enhance your athletic performance, increase range of motion, speed recovery and reduce your risk of injury.

Mobility is our ability to move freely without stress on the body. Our flexibility is dependent on the range of motion of our muscles.

You’ll experience the foundational principles of Ashtanga Yoga- The Yoga of Breath.

·         Promotes healing

·         Stress relief

·         Increased blood flow

·         Calmed nervous system

·         Restore balance

·         Enables you to move more freely, through a greater range of motion, with a focus on problem areas such as hips, ankle, shoulders and the spine.

Enjoy in-person instruction and guided homework, with accountability and support.

Jyll is dedicated to building lifelong healthy habits. Even more, you’ll have access to the private Facebook group, including Jyll’s weekly instructional videos covering the breathing techniques, gratitude assignments and stretches.

Start: Sep 3, 2019

Times: Tuesday & Thursday at 7:30PM (60 minutes)

Cost: $99 for Current CrossFit members, $119 Non-members


Space is limited.

To register: Text [your name and email address] & the word “YOGA” to 801-556-9855

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